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Irish Coffee Cupcakes to die for! 

I don't tend to make any fancy cakes, I stick with different sponge cakes and I am not really any good at icing.  So I decided that I am going to make every cake in my Rachel Allen's Cake  receipe book that was given to me a few years ago as a Christmas present.

I made these Irish Coffee Cup cakes in ramekin dishes and served warm straight from the oven.  I went the whole hog and added the cream and whiskey sauce, which I made with Jack Daniel's whiskey.  I promise you it was to die for!  I do not even like coffee but Jack Daniel's is another matter:)  It was the most divine dessert I have ever made.  It is a soft sponge and then the coffee just oozes out as your spoon goes in and the sauce?  Well, the best ever!


Couponing update

 Well, using the Sainsbury's online shopping has proved worthwhile.  You may recall I received £20 off my first shop with them online.  I subsequently received an email from them for £10 off my next 4 shops plus free delivery.  It was for a minimum spend of £50.  So I compared prices online with Tesco (as I had coupons to use with them instore).  Bought the cheaper items I needed from Sainsbury plus purchased a bottle of Kirsch for the xmas gateau I plan on making.  So I only paid £2 for a £12 bottle of Kirsch.  

I did the rest of my shopping instore with Tesco and purchased items I wanted that I had coupons for, plus I had a £4 off my next shop voucher from my previous shop with them and a £3 IOU from them because some items previously I could have got cheaper elsewhere!  With those 2 vouchers and the other vouchers I had managed to find online I reduced my shopping bill by £14.00.  So I saved £27.00 (including delivery fee) on my week's shopping bill.  One happy bunny!

I have another £10 coupon from Sainsbury's and Clubcard/money off vouchers from Tesco plus more online vouchers for this weeks shop... I will let you know how I get on this week. 


Saving money with TeesOnLine.co.uk 

A 30p off coupon for Del Monte Fruit Burst drink is available here

Tesco  have 50% off Halloween costumes.  At only £1.50 this could be a bargain just for the fabric pieces alone... for those of you that are clever on the sewing machine!  Also, if you Click here and fill in the form with your insurance renewal dates you will receive (Terms & Conditions apply) so you hopefully will receive 75 Tesco Clubcard Points just for completing the form... Every Little Helps!:)


Philips have a promotion price, 50% off a Newborn Starter Kit.  For only £14.00 the kit includes:-

 Philips AVENT including 4 Classic feeding bottles (2 x 4 oz and 2 x 9 oz), a bottle and teat brush, and a white translucent soother 0-6 months.

At checkout use the PHILIPSPROMOCODE100 to receive £10 worth of products free.  No minimum spend however, I do not know how long this offer will last!

If you or a member of your family work for the NHS, Vodafone are giving 20% off your monthly phone bill.  To see the details of this offer Click here 




Saving money with TeesOnLine.co.uk 

Today I made a saving of around £20.00 on a £60.00 (minimum spend) at Tesco.  If you have not ordered a grocery shop online here is a £15.00 off code XXRMMT .  I used this code today and received £15 discount as it was my first grocery shop online.  The code is valid until  30th November 2014.  I made a further saving of £5 because I had a total £4.50 of money off vouchers that I had collected from both the internet and the Tesco in-store magazine.  Although these coupons were in date the online check-out would not accept them!!  I made a quick call to Tesco Customer Services explained the situation, they asked what number the vouchers started with and to what value, apologised and immediately sent me an evoucher code to the value of £5.00.  Wow!  Now that is good customer service Tesco... thank you:) 

According to Tesco website I will now receive a £5 money off coupon with my delivery against another shop (minimum spend of £40) for the following week.  On the basis that the minimum delivery charge I found was £3.00 that may not be worth my while, we will have to see next week.

 Tip:  I always pick up a couple of in-store magazines (from whatever store I am shopping in) just in case they are good coupons!

Marks & Spencer 20% off online code QJY7-JGCW-LE3G-XAYV

I have not used this code so cannot guarantee it works... but I will be having a try next week:) 


Saving money with TeesOnLine.co.uk 

 If there is one thing I love doing it is saving money.  I enjoy saving money in the building society but like most people only get to save for birthdays, christmas and holidays.  Ok, birthdays and christmas!  

I love saving money in the supermarkets and reducing my shopping bill as much as I can and as much as the next person... it's fun!  This is the reason I keep my prices so low on my website because we all love a bargain.  I believe you can have both a bargain and quality as the same time.  What do you need to do?  Get saver savvy!

I shall do my best to start posting and try to keep consistent in doing so.  All the money saving tips and coupons I can find I shall post here and let you know where you can find them.  Here's the first...

£1.00 off Goodfella's Takeaway Pizza 

The voucher I have printed today, 11th October 2014 is valid until 25th October 2014.  All you need do is follow the above link, fill in your name and email address and print the coupon.

Checking the prices on mySupermarket.co.uk the price for one pizza is £2.50 in both Asda and Tesco.  So a Goodfella Takeaway Pizza for £1.50 is not bad if you like the brand.



Satin Gift Bags 

Stock on my satin gift bags are running extremely low.  When they are gone, they are gone!  I shall not be continuing with the satin gift bags because they take up so much of my time to make and in order for me to keep my t-shirt prices as low as possible I also, obviously, need to keep my outgoings down as low as possible.  I will continue to send them out with your orders and let you know on here when they are finished and let you know my new packaging, although I should point out that will still consist of every t-shirt being individually wrapped in tissue paper and a free gift card.



 Thank You!

So far we have raised £15 towards our target of £100 to go towards fundraising for Rhiannon.  A big thank you to all our recent customers, your purchase from our website has helped us achieve this. 

Fundraising for Rhiannon 

 Having met a lovely little girl named Rhiannon I have decided to raise £100 towards buying special equipment that she needs to help her deal with joint hypermobility.  You can read all about this syndrome on her fundraising page here  For every Big Brother and Big Sister t-shirt sold we will donate £3 to the fund.  So please help us reach this goal by purchasing a t-shirt for your special children and help another special child at the same time.



Day Out!

 I had a lovely day out yesterday with the family.  I would love to say not a single whinge from any of us, but that would be telling lies!  We had a day out at Dan y Ogaf Dinosaur Park thanks to Tesco Booster Clubcard points we saved around  £56.00!!!  Basically, we had free entry for myself, hubby and two kids, which always makes a day out seem a lot more fun:)

As we only live 30 minutes away it was a most relaxing day and not once did we hear the words "are we there yet"?  We have been there before when my youngest was around 2 yrs old, she is now 11 so it has been some time and obviously she has no recollection of going.  We are always telling her about it because she was in the baby carrier on my husband's back and there is a very low metal canopy that you have to go through to get to one of the caves.  My husband did what the sign said... 'mind your head' but he forgot about the baby's head!!!! AAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!  Her tiny little head whacked into the metal frame and she let out one almighty scream, understandably.  Ironically, when we went yesterday she was the only one that could walk through the canopy upright!  We all had hurting backs... revenge is sweet:)

Well now it is time to get back to work and printing some t-shirts for you all.  I have more I'm the Big Sister t-shirt orders today.  When I say more, I specifically mean more Big Sister t-shirts than I'm the Big Brother t-shirts.  This is rather unusual because I normally have more Big Brother t-shirt orders, so there must be a few more lovely little special girls being born. Welcome to the world all you beautiful little babies. 


Welcome to my blog

Now where do I start this time?  What do I have to tell you?...Loads, but as always when I sit down to tell you...I forget it all.  Surely an age thing!

Well one thing I can think of is that my 16 yr old son is now taking English with Kumon and he is loving it!  He says it is much more fun and interesting than the Lett's workbooks he is used to.  He is going to college in September where he will take classes for his English GCSE which he will take sometime next year.  I know, I know, that makes him behind school kids his own age but if you think about it, he does not need his English GCSE yet, until he starts work anyway and he will have it by then, so everything is in place and working brilliantly... including him:) 




I have no idea where all my photographs are of all the other cakes I have been making.  I have made loads and had a sort out of all my photographs on my computer and now, well, who knows where everything is, and I call it organised!!

So, it was obviously meant to be, to relieve you from the boredom of all my cakes.  Now I have decided to be a little bit more helpful and change my blog to a 'Question and Answer' page about ...babies!  

If you have any questions that you would like answering feel free to drop me a line via my Contact Page .


What tests are carried out on Newborn babies? 

 Newborn babies have a 'top to toe' physical examination at birth (or at least within 72 hours of birth).  The tests involved are basically eyes, hearing, hips, and for boys, testes and a heart test.  A blood test is also carried out.  This blood test is known as the 'heel test'. 

What is the first test carried out on my baby?

The first test carried out on your baby is called the Apgar score.  This is carried out within minutes of your baby being born.  Your midwife will check breathing, colour and posture as well as baby behaviour. 

 What is the eye test?

The eye test is where the Dr will shine a small light into your baby's eyes.  He is looking for the 'red reflex'.  The red reflex is the 'red eye' that you see in photographs caused by the flash.  If the red reflex appears then happily cataracts are ruled out.

 What is the hearing test?

The hearing test will only take a few minutes and does not hurt your baby at all.  It is called the automated otoacoustic emission (AOAE).

What is the test carried out on the mouth?

The test carried out on a newborn baby's mouth is to ensure the roof of the mouth is complete and that the sucking action is working correctly.  A gap in the roof of the mouth is otherwise known as a cleft palate.  A check is also carried out for tongue tie, which is when the tongue is restricted to the base of the mouth and does not allow for normal movement of the tongue.

What happens if my baby is tongue-tied?

If your baby is found to be tongue-tied, depending on the severity of the tongue-tie a number of options are available.  A small 'operation' can be carried out by a Dr whereby the skin underneather the tongue is snipped and this can in fact be carried out with or without any kind of anaesthetic.  This is obviously dependent on individual cases and to be discussed with your Dr.  Tongue-tie can cause difficulty in breastfeeding and potentially speech problems at a later stage.

How do they check my baby's heart and lungs?

Your midwife will check your baby's heart and lungs with a stethoscope.

 The heartbeat is checked to ensure there is a regular heartbeat and not irregular, such as a heart murmur.  If a heart murmur is found a second opinion is always sought because it does take a short while for a newborn baby's heartbeat to become regular.  This is because when the baby is in the womb both side of the heart beat together.  Once the baby is born the two sides begin to work separately.  A newborn baby's heart is working very hard after birth and may take a little time to settle down.  The majority of heart murmurs disappear on their own.

Your baby's lungs are also checked with a stethoscope to ensure an equal breathing pattern in both lungs.

What checks are carried out on my baby's hips?

The Doctor/Midwife are checking for 'clicky hips'.  This test does not hurt your baby.  The baby's legs are opened wide and the legs are then bent forward and backward checking for any instability and/or clicking.  If this is found then further investigations are carried out.

What is done to check my newborn baby boy's testes?

All that is done to check a newborn baby boy's testes is to check that the testicles are descended.  It is quite common for a baby to have only one testicle descended at birth.  Eight in every 1000 baby boys in fact. 

Why is a skin colour check carried out on a newborn?

A skin check is carried out at birth to also ensure the lungs are working correctly.  A newborn baby's skin, if it has a bluish tint means the airways are not fully cleared.  Also, a check is carried out for birth mark's such as strawberry marks.

Apart from counting my baby's fingers and toes why are they checking my baby's hands and feet?

Your baby's hands and feet are also checked for webbing.  Another check that is made is for ensuring that there are two creases on your baby's hands.   A single palmar crease is a possible sign of Down's Syndrome. 

With regard to checking your baby's feet this is to check the resting of baby's feet and ankles and to ensure there are no signs of club foot.

How long should I expect to stay in hospital after my baby is born?

If you have had a straightforward vaginal birth you may only need to stay in hospital for a few hours!  You can discuss your options before the birth with your Midwife and after the birth in case you have changed your mind.  If both you and baby are well then you can be discharged from the hospital as soon as relatively possible.  If you have had a caesarian section you can expect to stay in hospital for up to 7 days.



 Sorry it's been so long!

I am pleased to say I have been really busy printing t-shirt orders so the photograph of the failed cake will not appear.  No, honest, I just got so busy with orders the cake just had to go in the bin the next day without any photographic evidence being taken:)

I have managed to sort out a few photographs of my recent attempts at baking...


 Apple Meringue     Chocolate Meringue

You may have noticed that the photo above is of the same meringue but I added grated chocolate to it!  My son, who is an extremely fussy eater, does not like cooked apple.  So we play 'I'm a Celebrity...' to get him to try foods without knowing what it is first.  It is amazing how much he likes until the brain takes over!  We blindfolded him and he had a taste and he just loved the chocolate then we told him the mush was cooked apple.  He grinned and said it was nice but wouldn't eat it again.  Hey ho!

Vienese Whirls 

Vienese Whirls

These chocolate biscuits with buttercream were nice.  Tad to hard for my liking, left them about 2 minutes too long in the oven and it made a big difference.  These have reminded me I should make some biscuits again as we have not had any for ages and obviously I need to keep practising.

I have totally perfected making puff pastry however, and in my next blog I will tell you the secret! 

Must dash and get on with some more printing.

Take care and have fun.



I made this...


Homemade Pork Pie

...and it was quite nice too.  The kids said it was ok!  Apparently not as good as Melton Mowbrey pork pies, which is no surprise really.   

This is only the second time I have made one and I think Melton Mowbrey have a tad more experience than me especially as they use machines and have been making them for over 25 years (do you sense the bitchiness in that remark)?  In fairness they did say the pastry was lovely and that it was the meat.  I guess from what they said they want me to buy the high end cuts!  It won't make any odds I promise you LOL!

The pastry was really hard work to roll out and I expected it to be rock hard but I have to say, it was really nice. 

I am going to make them again (whether the kids like it or not), but I am going to make the small muffin size pork pies.

I made the pork pie last night and today I made these...


My wonderful friend The Welshwoman gave me the receipe book Cake - Rachel Allen for Christmas last year, and I love it:).  I have made quite a few of the receipes including Battenburg!

The sponge is quite heavy, even once it is sliced up.

I don't know if this is because I did not use the correct size baking tray or because it is a 6 egg receipe!!!  The sponge is dipped in melted chocolate with added icing sugar and dipped into coconut.  The kids said they were absolutely gorgeous, fantastic and delicious!


The receipe says cut the sponge into 16 squares.  As you can see from the photographs I had pieces rather than squares, because I used a round baking tin and I had a lot more than 16 pieces and we really appreciate that.

I did make another cake today (now you think I'm showing off) - Fast Yoghurt Cinnamon Cake - that however was a total mess which may have been because I used my homemade yoghurt.

I might put a photo of my failed cake on here tomorrow because life is supposed to be fun:)

Take care and have fun.


Money Saving Tip - Homemade Yoghurt

I have been having great fun over the last few months saving money.  Saving money on my shopping is simply the best!  As and when I can I will be sharing them with you and here's my first... home made yoghurt.  I must say though, this is from Jamie Oliver.  So do check out his website and receipes because they are really great.

All you need is a small pot of natural yoghurt and 1 litre of semi-skimmed milk.  As Jamie Oliver will tell you, you only need buy one small pot of natural yoghurt and never have to buy it again!

Pour the milk into a saucepan and put on a low heat and simmer.  I just simmer it for around 10-15 minutes.  (Although the other day it simmered to boiled over and still worked!!)

After simmering taking off the heat and leave to cool to tepid warm water temperature (to me that means dip the tip of your little pinky in and if it feels ok it's ready).

Now put 4 heaped tablespoons of the natural yoghurt into the milk and whisk.  (I now put in 5 tablespoons as my kids prefer a thicker yoghurt).  Whisk for about 3 minutes until it is frothy.  Then put the saucepan lid on and leave on the side overnight.  

I have recently made this mid morning and left on the side the rest of the day and overnight and it was fab the next day!  The following morning when you take the lid off you will find a nice white set yoghurt!  Pour this into a container with a lid and keep in the fridge.  This will keep in the fridge for up to a week.

If, like myself and the kids, you don't like natural yoghurt and want to add flavour and colour then just add whatever you want when you have a serving of your homemade yoghurt.  My daughter likes to add jam or her favourite, is to squeeze strawberry sauce (meant for ice cream!) into the yoghurt then just stir and enjoy!  I have been adding a a teaspoon of my homemade jam and that is gorgeous.  I'm soooo showing off now:)

I fill a 1 Kg pot with the above ingredients at a cost of approximately 2 GBP.  Now that is the first time cost.  The second time cost is only 1 GBP, or whatever the 1 litre of semi skimmed milk cost!

All you have to do the next time is take the 4 tablespoons of natural yoghurt from your pot and make another lot!  I filled my 1kg jar for only 15p this week!!!  Asda had a load of semi-skimmed milk at only 15p (because of their sell-by date)  so I bought a litre for 15p and made my yoghurt using the 4 spoonfuls from what I had in the fridge.  Somehow knowing that a week's worth of yoghurt for a family of 4 costing only 15p really has a more delicious taste to it:)

You can buy Jamie Oliver's book with this money saving receipe in here 



Welcome to 2013.  May this be a prosperous, healthy, happy and totally joyous year for us all.

I am exhausted from the christmas holiday, as is the case with all mums:)  It is such fun on the day to see the children opening their presents.  This Christmas past Santa came up with a brilliant idea for the kids stockings... he filled it with a children's hamper!!!  

All the things I say "NO" to in the shops, Santa wrapped and gave my children, tut! :)

They had :-

Cocoa Pops

Pop Tarts

Chocolate Spread


Hovis biscuits (my daughter loves them!)

Christmas chocolate box

Wagon Wheels 

But Santa is not perfect and forgot to put in a Satsuma (that was all I ever got:))

So, thank you Santa I had very happy and somewhat hyperactive kids for about a week!!

Although there is still a little bit of choccie left the kids are calming and hopefully starting to settle down ready to get back to their home education.  As my daughter would say... "yeah, right, you wish LOL!"

Have a great year and I will try to keep up to date with all that is going on at home and business. 









 I am also making satin bags for the Halloween T-Shirts as the feedback I have received has been so good... thank you:)  They are orange/gold with black cord and can be used for trick or treat.   Hoping to get the photo done soon.



I am presently working on Halloween orders and hope to get some more designs on website.  In the meantime, you are welcome to send in your own designs which can be personalised with your child's name on.  Only a few weeks left to get your orders in so the kids can get out to their Halloween party and trick or treating... let the fun begin:)

celebrations,cropped images,cropped pictures,decorations,greetings,Halloween,Happy Halloween,holidays,jack-o'-lanterns,messages,PNG,pumpkins,special occasions,text,transparent background 


Yes, I am extremely excited, and this time it has nothing to do with t-shirts!  My son has passed his Maths GCSE with a Grade B.  I am one proud Mum.

What makes my son passing his Maths GCSE most exciting is the fact that he has not been to school since he was 7/8 years old!!!!  Yes, I have been home educating my son since he was 7/8 yrs old and he is only 14 yrs old and taken his Maths GCSE.  Well done to my son James.

How we did it 

It was easy...not!  It truly was a lot of hard work.  Our home education group we were going to were arranging a 9 month intensive GCSE course using a qualified maths tutor.  It was there, so I took up the opportunity for my son to learn maths at a level that I would have trouble teaching him.  We all met up on a Monday morning and had a 2 hour lesson.  We then had to go home and learn.  For example, what became (eventually!) my favourite subject, Algebra.  I had no idea how many topics were involved in Maths GCSE.  Chris, our tutor taught us how the formula worked and we just had to go home and learn it.  I took 4 weeks before I got to that Eureka! moment of understanding it and knowing how to get X to equal a number, and it really feals fantastic and worth it once you do.  Then I had to help my son understand it.

We had only 8 weeks before the Mock GCSE... aaaaaaagggghhhhhh! 


Your Design - Printed T Shirts

If you would like to have your design printed on our superb quality t shirts just let me know via the contact form or email me direct.  You can have your design printed on any of our t-shirts.  

As yet again, the weather has changed and we now step into Autumn I have in stock the Humbugz long sleeve t shirts available in Navy and White, Red & White and Pink and White.  The Humbugz t shirts are superb quality with superb quality printing at fantastic value for money, together with your free satin gift bag and free postage and packing I know you will be totally satisfied with your purchase.

Many thanks again to my lovely customers who have taken the time out of their busy schedule to thank me for their t-shirts and to say how happy they are... you really do make me happy and Thank You.

Take care and have fun.



I'm the Big Brother

I have another new design coming out soon for the soon to be big brother t-shirts.  As you all seem to be loving the long sleeve Humbugz I am bringing in a new design to give you more choice and I hope you love them just as much as I do.  Remember, that you can have them personalised free of charge if you wish.   As the weather seems to have taken a change for the better I hope to have them on the website by Monday, fingers crossed!

Printed personalised t-shirts seem to be the order of the day at the moment so I'm off to fulfill your orders to get them off to you.  

Take care and have fun.




I do have a few designs for Halloween t-shirts but have been far too busy with other personalised orders to get any on the website.  If you have your own design for Halloween, or you have an idea of what you are looking for, then just contact me and let me know and I can print or make up your design for you.


New Arrival!

Yes, the newly designed satin gift bags are now photographed and on the website.  As previously, the satin gift bags are handmade bymyself but now I am attaching the appropriate age gift card for you.  I have others in stock so you will not necessarily receive the one in the photograph.  So now, all you have to do when you receive your order is write your message on the card and enjoy all the smiles when you give your gift to your special little person.


New Satin Gift Bags

I shall be launching our new satin gift bags very shortly.  I am really excited about them as they will give you the opportunity to reuse them as you wish, although as they are I think you can anyway.  The new photographs will be on the home page by Monday.  I am sure you will love them and they will be great for you and the recipient of your t-shirt gift, be they young or old.

Once again, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you, my customers for purchasing from me and the very kind words that you send me via emails and letters for my testimonial page.  Thank you, I do appreciate you.

Take care and have fun.




The Winner of the Competition is...

Congratulations to Bryce (age 14), the lucky winner of  our competition for the t-shirt signed by Hollywood Actor Michael Sheen.  Bryce also wins a personalised printed t-shirt of his choice.  The runner up, who will also win a personalised printed t-shirt is Alan Lane.  Congratulations to you both and thank you to all entrants who were kind enough to donate towards the Healing the Wounds charity.  A total of 57 GBP was raised.

Many thanks again.  

Take care and have fun.



Update on Competition

Just to let you know the draw for the competition will now take place on Sunday 4th September 2011.  Remember, the lucky winner will receive one of our printed t-shirts which has been signed by Hollywood Actor Michael Sheen, plus a personalised printed t-shirt.  Runner-up will receive a personalised printed t-shirt.  Good luck to all who entered and was kind enough to donate to the Healing the Wounds charity, of which Michael Sheen is a Patron.

Take care and have fun.




I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer holidays.  Obviously I am using the term 'summer' in a very loose manner... where did it go?  Or, where is it to be more precise?  I swear we used to always have heatwaves in August... when I was a kid LOL!

Well, as August draws to a close I am now making arrangements for Retired Sergeant, Rudi Lewis to draw the lucky winning ticket for the t-shirt signed by Michael Sheen.  As the competition closes on the last day of August and you have not yet made an entry, you can do so here   Good luck and thank you.

In the meantime, I would like, once again, to say thank you to all those that have entered and made a donation to the Healing the Wounds charity.

I'm off now to print some personalised t-shirt orders.

Take care and have fun.



Wow!  How lucky am I?

Well, I would say I am extremely lucky and you would no doubt agree.  A very beautiful friend of mine, Amanda,  gave me this wonderful gift for my 50th birthday...

A fantastic gift to receive but what makes it even more special is that my beautiful friend Amanda is the artist who painted it.  Amanda Dagg is so talented and I already have one of her paintings that I commissioned from her for my 25th Wedding Anniversary as a gift to my husband.  You do understand that I commissioned and paid for the painting as a gift to my husband but it is the painting I wanted and it's mine!!!!  Obviously, I have not made that clear to him because he absolutely loves it too and thinks it was a fantastic anniversary present to him LOL!

The painting above hangs in our bathroom and it is wonderful to just lay in the bath and gaze out to sea and just drift off into a wonderful daydream.  Sounds lovely doesn't it?  I would certainly recommend it and Amanda's work.  

You can see a catalogue of some of Amanda's art which is available from her website Amanda Dagg.  By the way, she is totally self taught... truly amazing lady.


Yay!  We had sun today:)

Hopefully summer has arrived.  I love it when it is really hot, although if you are expecting at the moment I am sure you are finding the hot days and nights rather too uncomfortable.

Getting the children outside is a tad difficult for me.  My children don't like it when it is too hot and prefer to go out into the garden of a evening, when I'm tired and would prefer to be winding down for the day!

We have a local playscheme in our village so hopefully they go to that and have some fun out in the fresh air.

Trips to the seaside should be in order very soon too.  I do hope you are getting some rest and relaxation during the school holidays!!!!

I'm off to print some personalised orders as they seem to be flowing in thick and fast I am pleased to say.

So, take care and have fun.



Something different for the school holidays...

So, it's time to think about what to do with the kids and maybe where to go for a short break during the school holidays.  I have found the perfect place for you... Ty Draw Farm A 4 star B&B set in beautiful surroundings in Wales which also provides horse riding for all the family.

I took my 8 yr old daughter for there for her very first riding lesson yesterday.  Natalie said she was "a little bit scared but mostly excited"


Ty Draw FarmTy Draw Farm Bed & Breakfast

is run by a lovely lady, Annette, who also provides the horse riding lessons.  I can tell you hand on heart that I highly recommend her.  She was absolutely brilliant with Natalie spending time talking to her about the horse, Felix, that she was riding. 

Annette is truly a professional with both her horses and the children who want to experience the fun of riding a horse.

If you are just looking for a relaxing day out, book the kids in for a riding lesson and take them afterwards for a relaxing picnic on the nearby countryside whilst they tell you all about the thrill of horse riding and maybe convince you that you too should have a go!

If it is too far to travel for a day out then why not book a few days B&B with a lesson for the whole family.  Absolutely worth it for the fun, excitement, and the beautiful surrounding countryside with the fresh air that goes with it.

Go on... you know it will be fun.  We are definitely going again.

Take care, have fun


OOOOOH!  I came across this...

The site was actually recommended to me by a friend who's washing machine came to a sudden end!  My own washing machine had done the same only a few weeks prior but as mine is a rather aged Hotpoint it is worth repairing as many moons ago they were built to last and fixing it was half the price of a new one:)

Appliances online was recommended to her by one of her friends and she purchased a washing machine from them and said they were definitely worth using.  I have had a look at the site (much to my husband's dismay LOL!) and seen the new cooker that I have now put on my wishlist!


They also have competitions so you may be in with a chance of winning a white appliance if you are feeling lucky... certainly looks worth a visit given their prices etc.


Good luck






Oh, it has been ages since I have blogged!  I have been so busy, but it has been fun.  I love being busy printing your t-shirts.  I do wish I could keep up with all the designs and take photographs to put on the website but sadly I just don't have the time.

I have taken a photograph of all the satin bags I now have.  As an update, I now have Royal Blue satin bags for the older boys and the black big brother t-shirts.  Oooh, I have just remembered I have some new testimonials to put on the website!

This week I am hoping to take a photograph of the new Big Brother design I have made.  Also new in are the long sleeve Humbugz t-shirts/tops.  So you will be seeing them on the website this week.

If you require personalised big brother or big sister t shirts just contact me either via my email address or the website contact form.


Right, I'm off to get the satin bags photo on the website along with the testimonials... whilst I have the time.


Take care and have fun.





Well, I can honestly say I am really proud.  Having received an order and printed t-shirts for the Dragon Arts Dance and Theatre School in Port Talbot, I took my children along to the Princess Royal Theatre in Port Talbot to see two of the groups in a competition.

Now, I have sold one of my printed t-shirts to someone in Hollywood.  I have one of my printed t-shirts signed by award winning actor Michael Sheen OBE (see previous blogs below for your chance to win it), but I can honestly say, seeing the Dragon Arts Dance wearing my t-shirts and dancing on stage is my proudest moment to date... they were, and are, absolutely fantastic.  The young people made me extremely proud and their Director, Gareth, told me how proud he was of them and it showed in his face too.  Well done Dragon Arts Dance and Theatre School.


Fair Swap?!


So, here is how it came about that I have one of my printed t-shirts signed by Hollywood actor Michael Sheen OBE ...


Being a member of Recycle (Neath) I received a copy of an email sent out by the Assistant Stage Manager asking for white/pale green sheets.  He mentioned in the email that he was involved in The Passion Play with Michael Sheen.

I can honestly tell you that I had just had a sort out of my loft and had white and pale green bedsheets which had been stored in our loft for 3 years!!!!  I was just about to put them out to be recycled... why I still had them I have no idea.   So, I guessed if 'namedropping' was going on I would... google:)

Wow!  I did not know the name but I know of the films he appeared in, well some of them!  Blair and The Queen to name only two.  Both of which I have not seen... yet.

I replied to the Asst Stage Manager and offered my bedsheets, if they were of any use to Michael Sheen!  They may possibly have been, I have no idea really if they were used in the play.   The Assistant Stage Manager did come and collect them and it was then that I asked him if he would ask Michael Sheen to sign the t shirt and that I would 'raffle' it to raise funds for the Healing the Wounds charity of which Michael Sheen is a Patron... Google is so good isn't it, haha.

Within the week I had an email back saying that Michael Sheen had signed the t shirt for us.  Yay!... Let the fundraising begin.




The Passion - Michael Sheen




 Absolutely fantastic!  Myself and the family went to see Part 3 of The Passion in Port Talbot yesterday.  It was amazing to see such a major event take place.

Michael Sheen 


How Michael Sheen managed to carry that cross through the streets of Port Talbot will never cease to amaze me.  Not only was the weather beautiful, extremely hot, but he was dressed in boots, jeans and a fleece type jacket!  Being surrounded by so many people must, in some ways made it difficult but I imagine it also helped him to get through any 'walls' that he may have come up against.  Absolutely amazing stamina.


Whilst there we also raised £46.00 towards our competition for the t-shirt that Michael Sheen signed in order for us to raise funds for Healing the Wounds a charity of which he is a patron.  Healing the Wounds is a charity set up to support members of our Armed Forces who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  We plan on raising £2,000 so please, donate £1 here to be in with a chance of winning the signed t shirt and a personalised printed t shirt... Every little helps!  We truly appreciate your help.


Thank you so much.








Yay!  We now have our first fundraising competition launched.  You can enter here  Chance to Win a T-Shirt signed by Award winning actor Michael Sheen OBE  Please help me to raise the £2,000 needed to help our Armed Forces personnel suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  For only £1 you will be entered into the draw and have the chance of winning the signed t-shirt along with a personalised printed t shirt.  Runner up will receive an adult printed t shirt from those listed on our website.

Good luck and thank you so much




Just to update you all on the fundraising competition that it is on it's way to launch!  At the moment the charity is registering with Virginmoney so the last bit of paperwork is on it's way to them and I am told as soon as they are in receipt of that it will only take 15 minutes to get them registered and I can set up the fundraising page.

The charity informed me that the reason they are using Virginmoney is because the charity only have to make a one off payment and then ALL fundraising monies are donated to the charity.  Whereas with Justgiving fundraising 5% of fundraising money is taken as a commission.  So the difference is... Virginmoney is non-profiting making and Justgiving is an actual business.  I did not realise this until now!

So hopefully everything will be sorted out within the next couple of days.  I will keep you posted.

Take care and have fun.




I am presently organising a fundraising event for some very special people with a special prize.  Hope to have everything set up in the next couple of days, together with a photograph of the winning prize.  So, do keep coming back to see how you can help and what you can win:)

I have also been busy with a few new requested personalised German Shepherd design t-shirts.  I am so happy with the latest one although it really took some doing!  I now feel I can take anything on:)

So feel free to contact me with any pet t-shirts you require.

Must dash and get some more work done for the fundraising.

Take care and have fun.


New In!

Again, it's been really busy here at TeesOnLine.co.uk and I would first of all like to thank my customers who have sent me some lovely thank you's for their t-shirts.  It is an absolute delight receiving them so... thank you so much.

New In... we have our Welsh Flag satin gift bags which I am really pleased with.  Above the Welsh Dragon the words 'I rwyn abennig' meaning 'For Someone Special' which I will send with every t-shirt purchased from an address in Wales.  Obviously, if you are Welsh and living outside of Wales and would like your satin bag in Welsh then please just let me know.

Satin Bags 

Also, new in are our German Shepherd t-shirt designs.  Every design has been specifically requested by one of my special customers.  If you would like a t-shirt with printed with your own dog or any other pet then feel free to contact me via the website as all designs can be personalized to your own requirements.

So, what's next... oh yes, I have some more personalized designs to complete and I will get on the the new I'm the Big Brother designs, I will, I will.

Must dash.

Take care and have fun.





Search The Web






I'm certain you have been... juggling! It's amazing sometimes how many things we can juggle all at once and still stay sane. OK, maybe I have not stayed sane but I have been having fun going mad haha.

Having made some new satin bags with a new design on I have also been busy printing a few large orders which have been great fun to do and I hope my customers enjoy their evening when they wear them. I'm being a bit secretive here at the moment as I have to be, but in a couple of weeks I will be able to spill the beans, so to speak!

Well, one thing I will not be throwing into the air tonight is... pancakes! In February a friend of mine told me she had made pancakes.pancakes Haha, she thought it was pancake day. I gently informed her it was not and how fab that she could make them again in March. Lo and behold, it's pancake day today and I did not realise!!! No, I am not making them as I have spent the afternoon teaching my 13 yr old son Home Economics. He has made a Dundee cake, which we shall be testing shortly, and he cooked sausage and mash which we have eaten and was gorgeous. Whilst going through the 'dishing up' procedure (everything is so simple when we just do it, yet seems a major issue when a child is doing it at their pace rather than our's!) anyhow, dishing up and the phone rings, tis hubby. I tell him what we are doing and ... all is well and back to darling son. Phone rings again!!! Darling hubby says "just a quickie... are you not making pancakes today then?" Haha, the words "love you too" did not spring to mind. 

We are now in discussion on who is washing up... wish me luck as you may already know negotiating with a 13 yr old could be a no-win situation for mum!

Yes, I was juggling this blog too... the Dundee Cake was deeeeelicious.

Take care and have fun




Big Brother t shirts

I am sorry that we are presently out of stock of the Humbugz Navy & White big brother t shirts... there was a sudden high demand for them!  So, thank you to all the customers who obviously told their friends and family about me and my t shirts:)  Hopefully I will have more in stock very soon but in the meantime, we do have the Organic big brother t shirts which are also made by Mantis and are a superb quality and my unbelieveably low price.

At the moment I am busy with private, personalised printed t shirt orders but I should be able to catch up and print up more of the Humbugz in the next week or so.


FREE Satin Gift Bags in 3 Colours

I now have my satin gift bags in pink, white and baby blue.  Every t shirt you purchase is placed in it's own printed satin presentation bag, so if you buy 3 t shirts you receive 3 satin presentation gift bags!

At the moment I am extremely busy with printing t shirt orders but again, I will be bringing in other colour bags to match different t shirts... purple satin gift bags for Tarot T-Shirts... maybe!



 New In - Satin Gift Bags - FREE

I absolutely love my new satin gift bags.  Handmade and printed 'For Someone Special' what a wonderful presentation gift bag.  Whilst stocks last every t shirt will be individually wrapped in tissue paper and placed inside it's own presentation gift bag.  So yes, every t shirt you buy will have it's own bag.  If you buy three t shirts you will receive 3 satin gift bags.  If your t shirt is a gift... you have it all wrapped up!  If the t shirt is for you, it's still 'For Someone Special' but you can use the bag when you next give a gift.

More colours coming soon!

Satin Gift Bags 




Please see what you think and pass it on if you agree with it. 


We are hitting £1.29 a litre in some areas now and soon we will be faced with paying £1.50 per litre.

So this idea has been offered:

This makes MUCH MORE SENSE than the 'don't buy petrol on a certain day campaign' that was going around last April or May! The oil companies just laughed at that because they knew we wouldn't continue to hurt ourselves by refusing to buy petrol. It was more of an inconvenience to us than it was a problem for them. BUT, whoever thought of this idea, has come up with a plan that can really work.

Please read it and join in!

Now that the oil companies and the OPEC nations have conditioned us to think that the cost of a litre is CHEAP, we need to take 
aggressive action to teach them that BUYERS - not sellers control the market place. With the price of petrol going up more each day, we consumers need to take action. The only way we are going to see the price of petrol come down is if we hit someone in the pocket by not purchasing their petrol! And we can do that WITHOUT hurting ourselves. Here's the idea: 

For the rest of this year DON'T purchase ANY petrol from the two biggest oil companies (which now are one) i.e. ESSO and BP. 

If they are not selling any petrol, they will be inclined to reduce their prices. If they reduce their prices, the other companies will have to follow suit. But to have an impact we need to reach literally millions of Esso and BP petrol buyers. It's really simple to do!!

Now, don't wimp out on me at this point... keep reading and I'll explain how simple it is to reach millions of people!!

I am blogging this note to a lot of people.  If all of you send i
t  to at least ten more (30 x 10 = 300)....and those 300 send it to at least ten more (300 x 10 = 3,000) .... and so on.  By the time the message reaches the sixth generation of people, we will have reached over THREE MILLION consumers! If those three million get excited and pass this on to ten friends each, then 30 million people will have been contacted! If it goes one level further, you guessed it......


Again, all YOU have to do is send this to 10 people. That's all (and not buy at ESSO/BP).  How long would all that take? If each of us sends this out to ten more people within one day of receipt, all 300 MILLION people could conceivably be contacted within the next 8 days!!! Acting together we can make a difference. If this makes sense to you, please pass this message on.

PLEASE HOLD OUT UNTIL THEY LOWER THEIR PRICES It's easy to make this happen. Just forward this, think ahead of each fill up and buy your petrol at Shell,Asda,Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Jet etc. i.e. Boycott BP and Esso




Fancy a Swagbuck?




What's a Swagbuck? I hear you ask. A Swagbuck is basically points for doing what you already do... searching the internet.  Swagbucks

A friend of mine told me about Swagbucks. Now, I am not normally too keen on downloading anything to my computer but I totally trust her and she never tells me about anything until she has tried and tested it for sometime herself. It is so easy!

All I had to do was register my details (so they can pay me my $$$$), download the toolbar and that was it! Whenever I search for anything on the internet I just type what I want into the search, press 'Go Win' and whenever it feels like it it gives me Swagbucks.... whooohooo! The Swagbucks can then, at the appropriate amount be converted into $$$$, £££££, Amazon vouchers etc etc, all for doing what I already do... searching on the internet. Plus they have many other ways of earning them such as watching tv/video clips, reading special offers etc etc. You can pick and choose or just search.

You can download it to all your computers too. Now, and it took me a while to get around to doing it, purely because I thought it would be technical... it is not, again it was so easy. Just log into your existing account (you can only have one per address) then download the toolbar on to each of your computers or laptops and again, surf away and earn Swagbucks. It's great because the kids can earn me Swagbucks too when they are searching for stuff. When I am ready I just request my $$$$/£££££ to be paid into my Paypal account.

Search & Win


Take care and have fun!



Attention All Bloggers!

Are you a blogger? Have you thought about blogging but don't know how to get your blog noticed or think it probably takes too much time finding readers for your blog. Well, here is a simple solution to getting your blog around the world in minutes...


Alphainventions.com is really easy to use. You just copy and paste in your blog url, give a small description of your blog or website and choose a category best suited for both. Then press promote! Simple as that. You can choose different categories everything couple of minutes and just keep promoting.




Happy New Year

Welcome to TeesOnLine.co.uk Blog for 2011 

I hope you all had a fantastic time seeing in the New Year.  This year, for the first time, both my children stayed up to see in the New Year, London, England, celebrations and firework on the TV.  I must say, it made my New Year extra special.  The firework display on the London Eye was the best I have ever seen them... so far!

Myself, hubby and two children stayed up until 1.30 a.m. and then watched half hour of Tom and Jerry cartoons until bed at 2.00 a.m.  Why did we watch Tom and Jerry cartoons?... because the children wanted to and it was fun!  Thankfully we were all able to sleep in until late the next day.  I'm glad we did it because it will be the first memory the children really have of New Year's Eve and it will always be special to them, it certainly will be for me.

To all parents who had a new baby... Congratulations.  Remember, you will get more sleep, eventually!

This year I will do my best to find you lots of freebies for you, baby and children and lots of appropriate articles and websites where you will find appropriate advice and opinions to help you through the many years of decisions you make for you and your family.

The most important thing to remember is... Life is supposed to be Fun!


Photograph courtesy of nuttakit